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Jesus is the Way, Jesus is the Truth and Jesus is the Life. Without Jesus no one can enter into the heavenly kingdom. (The Gospel of John.14;6)


Millions of the people in this earth call Him as a prophet, as a good man, as a holy man. It is NOT true. Some of them never heard of His Name.


Salvation means forgiveness of sin. We are all sinners in this earth. There is not a single man in this earth who does good work. Our nature even our character is full of dirt’s (sin). Every day we are committing sin through our thoughts and our works. Therefore donation, visiting holy places, every time praying or fasting is not the way to heaven. Your physical body cleaning is not the way to heaven. We have to clean our soul. We have to keep it holy.

But how?


Following someone’s thoughts?

Reading someone’s book?



That is not the way to heaven. No one paid the penalty of punishment what we deserved. As I said Salvation comes only through Jesus Christ. Only Jesus Christ paid the penalty in the cross in our place what we deserved. On the third day He rose from dead and freed us from the bondage of Satan. He freed us from our sinful nature, sinful thoughts and sinful works. Why? Because God loved us so much that He gave us His One and Only Son Jesus Christ that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life.


That is why we have to believe in Him. We have to confess our sin to Him. We have to accept Him as our Lord and Saviour. We have to follow Him in our daily life. We have to believe that through Jesus Christ our sin has forgiven and we are new. Our old nature has gone and we are all new with Jesus Christ. This is very simple and easy. Just we have to come out from the bondage of Satan.


Our fight is against the spirit of darkness (Satan) not the flesh.


This is the message we have to tell to all the people in this earth and that is why we are working hard to save soul for Christ.

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